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In 5 seconds, this Compress JPG 200KB will Compress your JPEG, or JPG file. You can reduce the size of your images while maintaining the same level of quality by using an online image compressor tool.

60% Compression

Image Compression Process

Using image compression, you can reduce the file size of a digital image without affecting its quality. A reduction in the amount of data necessary to represent an image is achieved by finding and removing redundant data.The type of compression used determines whether the image will be lossless or lossy.

Compression that is lossless recreates the image exactly from the compressed data, whereas compression that is lossy reduces quality in order to achieve a higher compression level. Storage and transmission of images are made easier by image compression because it saves space and bandwidth.

Image Compressor - Image/Photo Size Reducer [Online & Free]

Is it safe to compress images?

Generally speaking, compressing images is safe, provided you use a reputable tool and don't compress them too much, which may reduce their quality. Since lossless image compression does not change the image's quality, most people believe it is the safest method.

If the compression level isn't too high, lossy image compression methods, which lose some quality to achieve higher levels of compression, can also be used safely. You can be assured that your uploaded image is safe and secure until it is deleted. We will delete it after 30-60 minutes

How to compress my image up to 50-200kb?

Despite the fact that very large images can be compressed into very small images, their quality does not suffer. Once you click the "upload file" button, you will be prompted to select the "JPG" or "JPEG" format image, and then press the "compress image" button.

In addition, you can adjust how much compression you want for your image. PNG images need to be converted to JPG format. Click here to learn how. A compressed image will be available for download once your picture has been uploaded successfully.

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All uploaded images will be deleted after 30 to 60 minutes. Thanks